About Theresa

So, how does a fun loving girl from a Chicago suburb wind up in Boston?

Well, it all goes back to high school when I took the COOLEST class ever called Travel Seminar!

The semester long class had less to do with sitting in a class room and more to do with learning through experience.  We traveled the East Coast for 25 days and had to interpret what we learned through photography and writing. 

Little did I know then that this experience would shape my future! 

In college, I had yet another opportunity to travel. I spent my junior year in Spain taking classes in Spanish and obsessing over my love of architecture and culture via my camera.  Throughout that year, I was fortunate to explore many European countries and connect with some of the most interesting people.  All of these incredible experiences have lead me to such a filling life!

My work has appeared in Self, Mirabella, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Elegant Wedding, Boston Wedding, Vegan News, and Martha Stewart Weddings. I believe that professionalism and timing is everything!  My 25 plus years of experience have sharpened my ability to never miss an irreplaceable moment.  I look forward to hearing from you partnering in the creative process!